Guylian has kicked off a £1.5m television campaign with the strapline 'gifts for every occasion' in the run up to Christmas.

Three ads each highlight a different product: its Sea Shells selection box, Sea Shell Bars and a box of Guylian Twists.

Each ad shows the Guylian logo melting into a swirling pool of Belgian chocolate, with the company's chocolate seahorse emerging from the pot.

The campaign is accompanied by a specially commissioned song 'I love you more than anything' by Belgian singer Sofie, which is free to download from the Guylian website. The ads are targeted at women aged 25 to 44 years old, as well as those who are looking to buy festive gifts.

Guylian is introducing other festive products including a 180g box with a star-shaped window on its sleeve, tree-shaped packs for Guylian Twists and a new single-layer extra-large 360g box of its Belgian