Ethnic food brand Tiger Tiger is going head to head with General Mills’ Wanchai Ferry dinner kits with a range of healthy, takeaway-inspired dishes that are being launched into Sainsbury’s.

Tiger Tiger said the Thailand-sourced ingredients and gluten-free brown rice noodles available in Malaysian Satay, Pad Thai and Chinese Szechuan flavours (rsp: £1.99) would appeal to consumers who saw takeaways as unhealthy.

Sales chief Sanjay Sood predicted that the range would be more popular than Chinese dinner kit brand Wanchai Ferry.

The Tiger Tiger meal kits were easier to use, he claimed. “The flavour profiles were too obtuse and there were too many steps,” he said. “Ours is easier just boil the noodles and stir in the sauce.”

Tiger Tiger also planned to launch a range of Thai-inspired mayonnaise, ketchups and snack foods later this year, he said.