Basmati specialist Tilda is giving cash-strapped consumers an everyday rice in a bid to get them switching from other carbs such as potatoes and pasta.

Tilda Everyday is available in Asda now in large 750g packs. Its £1.99 shelf price would help position the line as "a versatile store-cupboard essential with restaurant quality", said the London company.

A heavyweight campaign will follow the launch and remind consumers that rice is a "good" carb with lower GI index than pasta or potatoes. "This is an extremely exciting development for us," said brand manager Kaysha Gupta. "We want to introduce new consumers to this healthier carb and show them they can enjoy rice on any occasion thanks to its versatility."

Tilda was tightlipped about the makeup of the Everyday variant saying only that it "contained basmati". Tilda has a 14% value share of the dry rice market.