from Andrew Jolliffe, founder, Andrew Jolliffe Advertising

Sir; Three mighty cheers for Paul Saxby of Jonathan Crisp (‘On the Up’, The Grocer, January 28, p38).
For starters, he’s identified a still-growing sector in the burgeoning snack market. Better still, he’s been courageous. By employing his instincts rather than popular opinion (or worse still, research) Jonathan Crisp will be on the nation’s tongues in more ways than one.
I’ve never understood why so many brands labour so hard to create wonderfully new lines, but cower behind a rulebook when it comes to publicising them. Perhaps it’s fear of offence.
But to have a fear of adverse publicity is to fear PR. And PR often comes free. So courage achieves more for much less. Conversely, timidity costs. With the same stance or tone of voice as its competitors, the only way a brand can gain standout is by looking bigger.
So come on, brand owners. Shoppers, don’t forget, have emotions. Trigger them. Decide to make people gasp, laugh, cry, scream, argue or protest, and the media will give you a hand.