A new candidate has stepped forward to challenge chilled lager's claim to be the best drink to go with a curry. For years chilled lager has hung on to the crown, in spite of efforts by enthusiastic wine marketers to target the sector. But now the latest contender to have a crack at it is sherry. Fino sherry ­ Tio Pepe in particular ­ is being flagged up as an ideal accompaniment to any deep fried starters such as bhajis, prawn puri and samosas, and it will complement robust spicy dishes, too. Sweeter cream sherries such as Croft Original are recommended for enhancing delicate undertones in tandoori and tikka dishes. The nomination has been endorsed by the founder of the Curry Club, Pat Chapman. This will go down a bundle after the pub shuts and the lads finish a lager-saturated evening with the usual curry ­ and a sherry! {{COUNTERPOINT }}