The website features a letter for David Cameron

Campaigners opposed to the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco are insisting the move is not a done deal, despite growing speculation the government plans to include it in next week’s Queen’s Speech.

Smokers’ group Forest, which runs the Hands Off Our Packs campaign, has developed a new website called No Prime Minister, which features a letter that can be sent directly to David Cameron.

The letter urges the PM to wait until the government has studied the impact of the tobacco display ban, which will not be fully implemented until April, as well as the larger health warning required under the EU’s revised Tobacco Products Directive. The new EU rules are expected to come into force in 2016.

In April, health minister Jane Ellison told parliament that the government was minded to go ahead with plain packs following a review by leading paediatrician Sir Cyril Chantler.

“A lot of people are under the misapprehension that plain packaging is a done deal. It’s not,” said Forest director Simon Clark. “There is still everything to play for so people must make their views known to government, and the prime minister in particular.”