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Palmer & Harvey has released a guide to EUTPD2 to help retailers navigate the upcoming changes in tobacco legislation.

The guide educates retailers on how to deal with the transition efficiently and provide information about specific details on packaging, display, quantity and pricing.

According to research by P&H, which prompted the guide, one third of retailers are not aware of EUTPD2 and 75% do not think their consumers know about the legislation.

The guide, which will be printed in English, Urdu and Gujarati, will be sent to all P&H customers and will be available to download online from the start of August.

The wholesaler is encouraging retailers to work with them to focus on key aspects, including the availability and price of products.

“Through research we have identified that availability levels and the correct, competitive pricing will be the most impactful aspects of the transition for retailers,” said P&H group strategy and development director Paul Hagon.

“P&H recently visited Australia to fully understand the impact that similar tobacco legislation, introduced in 2012, has had on retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and consumers. Cigarette and tobacco sales there have not been negatively affected. We learnt that clarity, communication and co-operation between retailers, suppliers and wholesalers are crucial, and planning for the changeover ahead of time is essential.”