Higher priced tomatoes added an average 14p to our shopping bills this week, as prices shot up as high as 81p/454g. This follows last week's hikes on Diet Coke and own label baked beans which were still in place, with all stores charging higher prices. Aisle congestion was the main problem this week. Boxes of potatoes were strewn across the floor at Sainsbury, making negotiating the aisles difficult. Our shopper decided to move them and at the same time rearranged the mushroms to bring the better looking ones to the front. The NE Co-op had piles of stock on the floor and, with shelf filling taking place, it was a difficult shop. Thankfully the store wasn't busy, and redeemed itself by offering to pack the shopping without being asked. Tesco, Macclesfield, was still going through a massive refurbishment which had a detrimental effect on shoppers and staff who all seemed to be sick of the upheaval. Unlike other Tesco stores having makeovers, there were no helpers with lollipop-style banners directing people. Safeway's aisles were cluttered with stock but our shopper thought the store had made a good effort for St David's Day, decking itself out with daffodils. Only Somerfield, Bordon, and Asda checked in full baskets, and the cheapest was again Asda's at £38.62. {{GROCER 33 }}