Tongues are at the tip of a new innovation for the Aquafresh toothcleaning brand.

GlaxoSmithKline has come up with a toothbrush which cleans both teeth and tongues.

The company said the new Extreme Clean Flex Tooth & Tongue brush, launching this month, was in direct response to research showing one-third of consumers already use their brushes for this purpose.

Retailing at a premium of £2.79 for a medium head brush, it features ‘X-action’ bristles and soft rubber grooves.

It is being joined on shelf by new Extreme Clean toothpaste which foams up in the mouth to get in between teeth and clean deeper at an rsp of £2.49 for 100ml and £1.49 for 50ml.

GSK is aiming to drive trial with an introductory offer of 50% free on the cheaper pack.