Though most of the brand chart sees a lot of movement this week, the top two remain consistent. Nestlé stays in the lead and Walkers closes the gap slightly, standing just one percentage point behind.
Coca-Cola rampages up the chart, coming in at third place, with a selection of multibuys and price promotions displayed on side stacks and gondola ends.
Other new entries in the chart include Fanta, Mars and Wall’s. Fanta relies heavily on the buy-one-get-one-free offer. Likewise Mars also makes good use of the bogof offer and multibuys, looking to its pouches and ice creams to secure a place in the chart.
KP and Kellogg’s both move up the chart with KP advancing by four places. The success of KP is boosted by extra-fill offers and bogof promotions, with the brand almost exclusively using gondola end displays.
Heinz and Cadbury, meanwhile, both lose ground, slipping down the chart by one place.