Lindt is taking on the more mainstream chocolate brands Galaxy and Cadbury this Easter with its first foray into the impulse egg category.
New for 2006 is a 28g Lindor filled egg (rsp: 55p) and an 18g filled mini egg in a pack of four (£1.49) to extend purchase of the brand as an everyday treat as well as a high quality gift.
Impulse and everyday treats and speciality eggs are where manufacturers are expecting to see growth this Easter.
Lindt is also extending its top-tier products with a Lindor assorted mini eggs Easter egg, a gold-wrapped milk chocolate egg and assorted mini eggs from the Lindor collection. It has also developed Petits Desserts, which consists of four small milk chocolate eggs in Meringue, Tiramisu, Lemon Tart and Macaroon flavours, with a premium price tag of £14.99.