Age: 26

Works at: General Mills UK

Job Title: Brand manager, Häagen-Dazs

A foodie background - he started as a chef - helped Busher build a successful career in fmcg. After a year supporting the MD of Monster Energy, he moved to NPD, where he launched 150 SKUs across 56 markets in two years. As commercial brand manager for the Nordics, Benelux and Middle East, he subsequently generated revenues in excess of €2.5m while managing sales support. Since joining Häagen-Dazs in October 2012, Busher has driven partnerships and experiential marketing, led the 2013 ATL campaign and developed five-second teasers that became global best practice. Colleagues have praised his logical and analytical mind and his ability to see the wider picture.

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The Grocer's Top New Talent list 2013