Persil Tablets has been picked as the top premium brand by consumer research group Taylor Nelson Sofres. TNS communications director Edward Garner revealed the product held a 36% value share of its sector by October 14 2001. Garner put the brand at the top of a list of 10 premium brands because it had created its own sector and managed to hold the top spot in it, while charging the consumer 5p more per wash than Persil powder. Garner also praised Persil for successfully reinventing its Tablet concept with Fabric Wash Capsules, which had won an 8.6% value share of its sector since its launch. Garner defined a premium brand as one with "a collection of established consumer attributes attached to a product that enhance consumer demand and loyalty and enable the manufacturer and retailer to command a price premium." He said such brands had to exploit a key strength to justify their price: "Persil Tablets got its position because of the convenience it offers ­ for example, it regulates the dosage." Garner ranked Olivio ­ with its appeal to health-conscious consumers ­ as the number two premium brand, and Budweiser lager in third position with its success driven by its popular image. Other brands in the top 10 were: Lynx bodyspray, Pringles, Gold Blend and Kenco, Colgate toothpastes, Lurpak spreadable, Warburtons bread, and Comfort Easy Iron. {{NEWS }}