Dolmio remains the big hitter in cooking sauces while Loyd Grossman is the standard bearer for the authentic sector which is gaining ground

Slowly but surely, the British consumer is embracing the more authentic cooking sauces available and these are unquestionably helping to grow the market. However, the traditional brands continue to dominate the sector and, in the case of Dolmio, continue to grow.
Dolmio, from Masterfoods, remains the brand leader and with growth of 6.6% is now more than double the size of its nearest rivals. One of the reasons for this is the success of Dolmio’s convenient micro pouches, backed by considerable marketing investment.
Like Unilever’s Chicken Tonight, sales of Campbell’s Homepride have fallen in the last 12 months, despite or perhaps because of, a change in can sizes. Homepride’s 390g can was discontinued to be replaced by a 295g can to cater for the increasingly common two-person household and a 500g version was introduced for the family market.
Loyd Grossman is leading the authentic cooking sauces revolution. Loyd’s Italian, Thai, Chinese and Indian sauces have hit the spot with impressive growth across the range in the last couple of years.
Colman’s remains the brand leader in the static dry sector. McCormick Foods has recently launched some premium ‘gourmet’ dry pour-over sauces under its Schwartz brand in an attempt to add value to the market.