Surf and Daz have boosted the fortunes of biological powder, while Persil Aloe Vera is driving non-bio and innovation has freshened up fabric conditioners

Growth in the laundry category has been driven by a 5% growth in the largest sector, main wash. Liquid capsules and powder are driving this growth in main wash, while sales of tablets have flattened.
While biological powders have suffered due to the development of non-biological formulas, they continue to dominate main wash and have driven growth this year. The return to growth has been boosted by sales of Surf and Daz in particular. Surf was helped by the Surf 99 stains campaign and Daz by its new Citrus Blast scent.
Non-bio is also in value growth with Persil aloe vera driving this trend. Persil has also rebranded its range to support a new fizzing formulation. Ariel rebranded its range to include a quick wash action.
Ariel Liqui-Tabs grew more than 50%, which put them hot on the heels of rival Persil Capsules. Innovative packaging featured a plastic reusable tub. Persil took this route with limited edition tubs.
Innovation has continued to drive rinse conditioners. Lever Fabergé added Fast Dry and a lily and riceflower scent to the Comfort portfolio. P& G also extended its Lenor fabric softener range with new sensitive and easy iron variants.
The wash treatments sector is up 10%. Vanish OxiAction sales have passed £4m.