Walkers and Nestlé continue to dominate the brand chart with less than one percentage point separating them. One or other of these brands has occupied the top spot for the past three months.
Buy-one-get-one-free offers and other multibuy promotions dominate the activity in the top two brands, with gondola ends and floor stack displays in frequent use.
Heinz, Kellogg’s, Müller and McVitie’s all move up the chart this week. While Heinz makes good use of the extra-fill offer and price promotion on side stacks and gondola ends, Kellogg’s, Müller and McVitie’s all opt for the multibuy offer.
Though Coca-Cola and Cadbury move down the chart, both maintain a reasonably strong presence in-store - with Coca-Cola continuing with its seemingly perennial offers on two-litre bottles and Cadbury offering a wide variety of products to choose from.
There is just one new entry in the chart this week - Wall’s, which re-enters at number nine.