Sir; re Let's Fly the Flag, The Grocer, Dec 18, Letters. The NFU with its industry partners aims to cut through the confusion caused by the plethora of competing marks and labels in circulation. The development of a single logo or kitemark will be used to express to consumers the intrinsic brand values of home produced food. Its integrity will be underpinned by farm assurance schemes with independent verification and standards that ensure food safety, responsible environmental management and good animal welfare. Notwithstanding the legal positioning of using the Union Jack and the implications on EU competition law, NFU research clearly demonstrates that simply putting the Union Jack on products is not incentive enough for customers to buy British. Neither do we wish to wrap ourselves in the Union Jack and face calls of jingoism which cannot be sustainable. If British food is to compete against a flood of cheaper imported food, it must be able to differentiate itself and add value in other ways. We feel labelling products as being British is simply not enough. Helen Lo Head of Food & Marketing, National Farmers' Union {{LETTERS }}