He's confident the trend will continue and reckons this summer's trading could be up by nearly 30%. "I'm aiming for turnover of £24,000, whereas last year it was more like £21-£22,000." Basket size is up from the previous £3/£3.50 mark to around £4, he reckons. "People are coming in for a pint of milk and leaving with five or six items." Bambos acknowledges that it's not a result of promotions ­ something he's let slip since the blitz on booze at Christmas. "I haven't done much for a while as I haven't had time, but I do plan to start some more soon." However, Bambos feels more cheerful this month because he has a buyer lined up for a lease on his fish and chip shop next door. That will give him an income that can be used to reduce repayments on the grocery store. It's something that can't come too soon for the hard-working businessman who's fed up with working all day in the shop and then putting in extra hours serving up takeaways. He's also looking forward to the Easter holiday which always means big business ­ his Mediterranean Supermarket is the only one open in the area on Easter Sunday which means he can usually clean up. "Our staff are geared up. We'll go to the fruit and vegetable market in good time so we buy before prices go up. It means good supply and a healthy profit for us." {{FEATURES }}