Sir; re: Delighted Camelot is staying. Not. (Letters, last week). Independent research undertaken on behalf of Camelot would suggest your anonymous correspondent is in a small minority. More than 50% of retailers ranked Camelot as the top supplier and 85% one of the top three. Retailers also claim to be satisfied with all departments with whom they have contact at Camelot. Retailers are vital to the success of the lottery and though we don't get it right all the time, we are committed to giving all the support they need to sell and market lottery products to their customers. If your correspondent wishes, we would be happy to consider any specific criticism he or she has to level at us. Perhaps, via the offices of The Grocer, anonymity can be maintained, but details of complaints passed on. If high standards of service are to be maintained, we at Camelot must be prepared to accept criticism where appropriate and endeavour to improve where possible. Ian Milligan Director, sales and marketing Camelot {{LETTERS }}