Filippo Berio is showing its mild side in a bid to appease adults and children who don't like the strong taste of traditional olive oils.

The company has ­blended a mild extra virgin olive oil for the UK market to cater for consumers' prefe­rence for milder flavours. It said that while UK consumers had developed a passion for olive oil over the past ten years and were keen to take advantage of its health bene­fits, research had shown that many preferred a flavour that was more gentle.

The new mild variety has been created for everyday use, including in general cooking and for the preparation of sauces and salad dressings. It will be available in the standard 500ml glass bottles (rsp: £3.99).

A spokeswoman said: "We are thrilled that British consumers have adopted olive oil as a diet staple, making the market significant enough to warrant its own individual blend. As a family-run business, it is very exciting to be able to respond so directly to our customers' needs."