Sir; An analyst quoted in The Grocer last week has got it wrong ( Standalones hardly lucrative says City', p4). The convenience sector is the major grocery growth channel of the future. Consumers now shop for food two or three times a week, compared with an average 1.5 times a week only ten years ago. This is mainly driven by time poverty. As people shorten the duration of their main shop they forget items, which they must then acquire later. The general perception is that this is usually in traditional convenience stores. However, our research shows top-up shopping accounts for 70% of supermarket shopping missions. Consumers are currently using supermarkets in this way because there is no satisfactory alternative. The core items of the top-up shop are fresh produce, bread, meat and milk, which most traditional convenience operators cannot manage. By creating well merchandised, ranged and laid out c-stores, Tesco, and others with sophisticated skills and systems, will be able to exploit this opportunity. The multiples could also benefit by changing their existing layouts to match shopper needs. Their stores should have self-contained convenience areas near the entrance, offering the core products of the top-up shop. Siemon Scamell-Katz Managing director ID Magasin {{LETTERS }}