Products with a healthy' connotation are experiencing healthy growth at the moment, which is one of the reasons why Vandermoortele has seen sales of its Provamel non dairy soya based brand rise 20% in the last year. Commercial director John Allaway says Provamel Yofu, its yogurt alternative, is increasingly being bought by consumers wanting low fat products as well as vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance. "We're looking to turn Provamel from a niche into a mainstream brand this year," says Allaway, "and we are spending £1m, our single biggest investment over the last five years, to achieve it." The campaign will include summer press advertising in women's health magazines, plus a sampling roadshow with coupons in 20 shopping malls. "We want new users and sampling works phenomenally well for us at food shows," says Allaway. The Yofu range consists of strawberry and peach, and black cherry and vanilla, plus organic peach & mango and red cherry (4 x 125g), and plain organic (500g). Latest addition is Junior Yofu in strawberry/banana and peach/pear flavours. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}