Sir; Isn't it just typical of the government that they are quite happy to set up committees of the great and the good, such as the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food, to make recommendations on how to revive farming, but as soon as it comes to actually paying for anything they develop selective deafness. I'm not surprised Sir Don Curry is hopping mad about the foot dragging over funding the little red tractor (The Grocer, May 25, p4). After all, wasn't it the prime minister himself who hijacked the launch of the little red tractor to get himself some publicity. Yet once it has served its purpose, he doesn't want to know. If he can't even bring himself to fund properly something he was involved with launching, what hope is there for the £500m quoted when the Curry report was published? And as for government claims that EU state aid rules prevent it from funding the little red tractor, are they really trying to tell me that the French government would express any qualms if they were in the same position? I understand that we can't be at the front of the queue when the government has committed itself to investing huge sums in schools and hospitals, but the amounts we are talking about are minuscule compared with the health and education budgets, and would send an important message to the industry. S Jones Taunton Somerset {{LETTERS }}