Sir; I felt compelled to write to you regarding the struggle I faced around this time last year when I floated the idea of exploiting the celebration' of all that is British in a joint campaign simply titled True Brit'. The idea was for a thorough category management initiative including: 1) training and incentives for all those involved with selling' or producing 2) incentives for consumers (with added value, bogofs and wigig pack offers and competitions including the giving away of MG ZS cars) 3) direct field marketing at ABC1s 4) Brand exposure through TV and non broadcast media The ideas were sent to brand managers, marketing managers and anyone else who might be interested. The costs of participation ranged from just £2,000 to £120,000. The results? Nothing. No feedback, no conversations ­ nothing. Is it really any wonder that British food production and manufacturing are in such a state of decline when we cannot even bring ourselves to celebrate being British? A great marketing opportunity has been lost, as shown by the survey in your May 25 edition. The lack of British brands producing limited/special editions or even overtly recognising this year as a special' year has been embarrassing. Would France do the same? I think not! John Allbright Supporter of British Manufacturers for Quality and project co-ordinator for True Brit' campaign {{LETTERS }}