The business tools of the 20th century are getting rusty while the formats that have driven growth in food retail are tired, global in-store marketing expert Paco Underhill warned delegates. Underhill, managing director of consumer behavioural research company Envirosell, said retailers and marketers were nervous about the future as accepted strategic wisdom is challenged. In light of two-thirds of the first world's economy now being discretionary expenditure, Underhill said:"Most of the tools we have been taught are just not working." Sales data is "a catalogue of victories", he said while the harnessing of consumer opinions is "what we think, not what we do". More relevant today are tools based on practical details, such as conversion and penetration information and understanding what is being looked at in the store. "If the overwhelming majority of decisions are being made on the shopfloor, shouldn't we be doing a better job in controlling that process," Underhill said. Envirosell's clients include Wal-Mart, Tesco, Coca-Cola, Estée Lauder and Unilever. {{NEWS }}