Sir; re terrorism and food chain security, In the Face of New Evil' (The Grocer, April 20, p34). In order for the National Infrastructure Protection Center to have effective measures in place for terrorist attacks on food in any country, there is a need for greater visibility and tighter controls across the supply chain. I agree that the key component is sharing information with those that need to know. Having the ability to get information across in the timeliest way should be part of the procedure. What should also be near the top of the agenda is a system that can trace food right back to where it has come from, and every single movement from farm to fork. I know from working with food and drink manufacturers in the past that having a management system in place which allows visibility across the supply chain would determine any irregularities very quickly, as well as establish potentially contaminated stock, which in turn minimises the damage and cost. New e-technology has revolutionised the approach to supply chain optimisation and management, replacing the traditional view of the supply chain as a linear function with a more agile collaboration network. This model ensures total visibility throughout the supply network, ensuring there is a consistent and real-time flow of information throughout the supply chain. Mike Branigan MD Scio Solutions Birmingham {{LETTERS }}