Sir; re R Farnworth's letter Don't just give lipservice to the tractor (The Grocer, February 17, p19). The use of the little red tractor does not necessarily mean the goods the red tractor is displayed on are in fact British, but could in fact be foreign goods that deemed to be "up to British Standard". There is therefore a great deal of difference. Many ordinary people who recognise the hardship our farmers are going through and who wish to buy British to help them are not able to do this because we cannot get our government to agree to a label stating "country of origin". If our voice is loud enough we could perhaps persuade the large supermarkets and wholesalers to put their own "country of origin" on the label and then we customers would have freedom of choice to actually choose to buy British goods. Sadly our government's hands are tied by EU laws, on labelling. The stores, however, are not. Unless the supermarkets get the message, I guess they will continue to miss out on some custom. Anne Palmer Westcroft Wolverhampton {{LETTERS }}