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Sir; In response to PayPoint chief executive Dominic Taylor’s attempts to extol the virtues of his payment service (‘The case for the defence’, The Grocer, June 4, p30), I feel moved to point out a few realities.
In the area where I trade, the council has stopped taking housing rent payments through their offices and the service is now available through PayPoint. In one week, rent payments totalled 77 transactions amounting to £6,000.
The commission is 0.5% and capped at 13p and provided me with a £10 profit. Surely £10 for handling the transaction, counting and banking the cash on behalf of the council is ridiculous. If you pay your rent at the Post Office, the charge is £1.65. This would generate £127.05 if applied to the 77 transactions, just a little different to the £10 a retailer receives!
We need either more profit from these additional services or the right to charge an agreed service charge of, say, 50p to cover our costs.
And I haven’t even mentioned the congestion at the tills. Let’s get it back on the agenda please.