A quarter of off-licences and supermakets failed test purchasing operations during Sussex Police’s crackdown on alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.
During the Enough campaign - from September 14 to December 31 - of 139 test purchasing operations carried out in off-licence premises, 32 stores sold to minors.
Superintendent Steve Voice said: “The 25% failure rate is unfortunately not surprising as we have already identified that supermarkets and off-licences are still selling to under-18s - there is a lot of work to be done.”
Asda in Eastbourne was named and shamed in the campaign when a checkout operator was fined £80 for selling to a test purchaser, as was a worker at The Co-operative Group-owned Alldays store, The Seaside in Eastbourne, when a drunk woman, who had just been sold a bottle of whisky, stumbled on the road in front of a police car.
However, despite the failures of the off-licence trade, Superintendent Voice said that the Enough campaign had a remarkable degree of success.
There was an overall reduction of 10.6% in public place violent crime during the campaign and 333 fewer victims than for the same period in 2004.