The latest stage in the long term campaign to build the KWV brand in the UK includes a packaging revamp and a £2m advertising campaign. The South African company is in the second year of a five year initiative to establish its brands in all its key world markets. Managing director Vernon Davis said all of them hit their targets last year and the company's volumes grew by 20%, which had made it less dependent on the UK. He said: "In 1998 it accounted for 45% of our business, but because of growth elsewhere, it now represents 25%." The best performer in its range is the newest brand Robert's Rock, launched two years ago. Davis said this grew last year by 197% in the UK and is now selling 100,000 cases a year. We are reaching the entry level wine drinkers with the right price point and the growth has come without listings from some of the key multiple grocers." The new look KWV range will go into store in July, in time for the first burst of the press advertising campaign running in July and August. The next series of ads will be pre-Christmas and will be followed by another in March and April. {{DRINKS }}