The latest rumour in TV-land is that cheeky duo Ant and Dec, stars of Pop Idol and SM:TV, are in talks over a show in which contestants would win everything advertised during the commercial breaks. If it goes ahead, the show's emphasis on the ad breaks could give a boost to TV's advertising revenues. It could also present a great opportunity for manufacturers to ensure the advertisements they pay millions for are actually watched by viewers instead of providing a handy tea-making break. But what about the poor contestant who has to make do with a bag of crisps, a packet of washing powder or an instant noodle snack when he had been dreaming of driving away in a new sportscar, or jetting off on an all-expenses paid Caribbean holiday? Perhaps grocery manufacturers should consider boosting the appeal by throwing in their brand icons as prizes too. Anyone for a full size Honey Monster, Captain Birds Eye complete with his ship or a cute Labrador puppy? {{COUNTERPOINT }}