Sir; Am I alone in detecting a sneaky trend among the more upmarket supermarkets of enticing shoppers to buy ever more adventurous food products with top quality brand labels. Having got us and our families hooked on those specialities, they then withdraw them, only to introduce their own label versions which, almost without exception, are inferior. This leaves the family shopper feeling really cheated. If we'd never had it, we wouldn't miss it, but­ Even for a general weekly shop, I am finding that increasingly I have to seek out the specialist to obtain the tried, trusted and qualilty brands that also give me good value. De-listings in my nearest Waitrose over the last few years, for example, are legion ­ from mustard to shampoo and deodorant through to dog food. I have counted a total of 25. With leisure time in short supply, shoppers will end up giving the supermarkets a miss and take their business to their specialist where they can get the brands they like. To compensate for the higher bills, they will cut back on the non-essentials. That is until those brands are driven to extinction by the supermarkets policy. M Collins Windsor {{LETTERS }}