from Igor Griffiths, by e-mail

Sir; Having just read Mr White’s comments on the Atkins diet (March 13, p28) I am interested to see that the popular idea of this eating plan has not diminished. The Atkins eating plan is a four-stage plan. Stage one allows for only 20g of carbohydrates.
This effectively eliminates all popular carbohydrate foods, allowing only the trace carbohydrates in vegetables and salads to be consumed.
Thus, this phase is the popular conception of the Atkins diet. The subsequent phases allow mature decisions by the user. If I want potatoes or cereals with my meal then I can, but this must be balanced by a reduction elsewhere in that day’s eating.
This is because I should not exceed my total carbohydrate allowance for that day to ensure continuing weight loss or stability. I am glad you restated the position later on. Everyone is agreed that something must be done to counter the mass consumption of junk carbohydrates.
This is the first time I’ve read your magazine. I am not in the food industry but wanted something fresh to read. It is well laid out and easy reading for non trade readers.