Holsten UK is connecting with its consumers by offering them a free mobile phone. It has linked up with 4U, a carrier for Vodafone, to give a Nokia 3330 mobile to anyone who buys a promotional four-pack of Holsten Pils. The deal aims to boost distribution and rate of sale of the brand pre Christmas. Marketing director Andrew Edge said: "With 40 million mobile phone users in the UK, some of whom change their phone every year, this will have wide appeal among our target audience of 25 to 40 year olds. "The promotion is generous and will attract new users as well as rewarding loyalists." Holsten has produced 304,000 promotional packs going instore this month. The deal gives consumers until next June to claim the phone which comes with two Holsten Pils phone covers and a hands free kit when consumers connect to any 4U tariff. {{DRINKS }}