Bakery products manufacturer Délifrance is aiming to create a new category in the frozen aisles with a range of premium bake-at-home pastries.
Its Viennoiserie range consists of packs of 10 mini pain aux raisins, mini pains au chocolat and mini croissants, which can be cooked from frozen in 10 minutes.
The products, which have an rsp of £1.89 and a nine-month frozen shelf life, are designed to fill a gap in the market for consumers who like high-quality fresh pastries for breakfast but who don’t want to make the trip to the shops every day.
“Our frozen range allows consumers to stock up the freezer and capture the freshly baked flavours and textures of traditional boulangerie fare,” said marketing controller Lucy Pickersgill. Délifrance is aiming
the products at professional female shoppers, but hopes the mini size of the pastries will also appeal to children.
Not wanting to leave the male population out, however, the company is launching full size bake-at-home croissants for larger appetites in June. Aimed predominantly at men, the 330g packs will contain six croissants.
Délifrance also intends to use its bread expertise to launch a premium range of frozen bake-at-home speciality mini breads.
Still in the development stage, the company is working on breads suited to dinner parties that will be a “combination between classic and more speciality breads”, which it hopes to launch by September.
Stefan Chomka