bold and saucy
n Unilever Bestfoods has gone for a risqué theme for its Go Organic brand's first consumer advertising campaign.
n Bold photography and the slogan Go Orgasmic' feature on each execution which will be on London Underground and mainline stations and in magazines.
n Brand manager Estelle Welpers said the campaign showed food could be sensual and sexy.
ice cream brew
n Newcastle Brown Ale has made its debut in the freezer in the form of an ice cream from Doddington Dairy.
n Scottish Courage lent its iconic brew to the special edition ­ which contains Newcastle Brown fudge chunks ­ as part of a six-month licensing deal.
n Initially the newcomer will appear in the Newcastle branch of upmarket retailer Fenwick and in independent outlets in the north-east of England and southern Scotland.

bags of hi-tech
n Walkers has launched a £15m Txt 2 Win promotion across its savoury bagged snacks.
n Hi-tech prizes such as TVs, DVD players, picture-messaging mobile phones and PlayStations are up for grabs, along with flashing mobile phone stickers and text credits.
n The giveaway will receive £600,000 of media support, mainly from advertising on kids' TV channels and in comics.

after the cat
n Bacardi-Martini has unveiled new advertising for Bacardi Breezer after the end of its Tom Cat series.
n Three commercials form the brand's £10m push and feature the strapline: You can't keep it bottled up'.
n Press and radio activity will follow.