The Teenage sector s decline since 1997 has slowed during 1999 and 2000. But BBC Worldwide's market leader Top of the Pops magazine is down 17.2% year on year and Live n' Kicking is down 29.8% year on year. There have been a number of launches and closures, including the unsuccessful launch of Bite, and the closure of Jump and Minx. The closure of Jump was attributed to the high cost of covermounting every issue, which is seen as key in the sector. BBC Worldwide launched Star: the celebrity magazine, which will record its first ABC in the summer. Bliss has had the most successful period in the sector, with UK news stand sales up by 4.8% year on year and 1.9% period on period. Both of long-established teenage titles have seen a drop. Top of the Pops publisher Alfie Lewis says: "This has been another difficult period for the teen entertainment sector, where magazine sales are at the mercy of the popularity of the stars who inhabit our pages. "Our main objective for the past three or four years has been to maintain our market-leading position and our market share, which we have achieved again with these latest ABCs." Group publisher Lindsaye Foxe says: "Live n' Kicking has had a tough six months and we are working on plans to turn this around." {{CTN }}