Total ABC sales for the Men's Lifestyle sector amounted to 2,223,213 for the period, down 0.3%, representing a drop of 3.6% year on year. Titles such as Loaded and FHM have used brand extensions, such as special editions, focusing on women or clothes. A range of toiletries has also become available bearing the Loaded name. In a move to breathe new life into the sector, IPC has restructured to create IPC Ignite! One of the main of objectives of Ignite! is to revive Loaded. FHM has retained its market leading position with 716,679, 0.1% up on the six month period, and 2.0% year on year. Loaded has retained its number two position in the market with a new ABC of 351,353, up 0.4% period on period. But figures generally in the Men's Lifestyle sector are disappointing. Esquire, Sky and Later have all suffered year on year. Esquire, with a figure of 61,271, had a year on year fall of 39%. while Sky, at 65,080, saw a year on year drop of 35.2%; and Later, with a total sales figure of 70,267, recorded a year on year fall of 22.40%. The news is slightly less gloomy period on period, with only Arena and Focus showing double figure percentage decline. During this period FHM Collections and Front have shown encouraging improvements, up 6.34% and 7.05% respectively, period on period. {{CTN }}