Independents are surprisingly optimistic about an expected recession and are thinking positive thoughts for positive business, writes Louise Dearden. Association of Convenience Stores chief executive Trevor Dixon said that his members would strive to rise above the effects of any recession. "We can all think negative in fear of a recession or we can stop and see this as an opportunity. Looking back, if there is an increase in unemployment, people tend to spend less on their weekly shop and use their c-store instead. People will economise on cars and holidays but will still pop to their local shop for treats and top-ups." Mace chief executive Mike Bowen agreed, saying that even though the group is not bulletproof, it has a sound business that can survive these knocks. "I am ever the eternal optimist. That does not mean we would be complacent in a time of recession but we can make the best of the situation. "A recession won't be the best for getting sales and profit up, but it won't do any harm either. "People will become more prudent with extravagant items but they will still do their top-up shopping. A positive outlook combined with a strong business and things will go well." Spar's deputy md Jerry Marwood said: "Retailers have lived through a recession for the last seven or eight years. Joining symbol groups has helped, and the amount of investment made means we have a quality operation strong enough to deal with a recession." {{NEWS }}