The Association of Convenience Stores has been forced to cancel this year's 80-strong NACS study tour to America after retailers and suppliers pulled out as a result of the terrorist crisis. A ballot of delegates revealed 75% no longer wanted to fly to Las Vegas for the National Association of Convenience Stores annual conference from October 19 to 24, with a subsequent four-day ACS tour of Philadelphia. One retailer who cancelled was Nicholas Kelly who operates a Costcutter in Aberdeen. He said: "My wife and I decided not to put ourselves at risk of terrorism or being stuck in the US if war broke out. Most independents are owner-managed and would jeopardise their business as well as their lives." A reduced ACS delegation of five, chairman Mike Greene, new chief executive David Rae, outgoing CE Trevor Dixon, and this year's two scholarship winners will still attend the NACS conference. Dixon said: "I believe it is very important the ACS continues its relationship with NACS by attending." A spokeswoman added: "We know of 20 or so industry figures who are still going under their own steam. It is disappointing as we had over 80 delegates this year, our largest ever delegation." A team of four from the Scottish Grocers' Federation will be attending, including chief executive Scott Landsburgh and president Dougie Edgar. Landsburgh said: "We hope to meet up with the ACS there, and take keynote speaker John Major out for a drink." {{NEWS }}