Retailers up and down the country are being urged to lobby health secretary Andrew Lansley in the latest push to block the tobacco display ban.

The Association of Convenience Stores is asking its members to bombard Lansley during the parliamentary recess with specially designed postcards calling on the government to "Stop the Tobacco Display Ban".

The government is discussing whether to revoke the Labour-devised legislation, which is due to come into force next October for large stores and hit smaller shops in 2013.

A meeting attended by Department of Health advisers and parliamentary under secretary of state for health Anne Milton last month failed to come to a decision over the ban.

"The tobacco display ban is a policy that will significantly impact all local retailers. Businesses will be forced to pay significant sums to comply with the legislation, which could cost the sector up to £40m," said ACS chief executive James Lowman.

"In opposition, both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats recognised the lack of evidence that a ban would help cut youth smoking rates and supported retailers' calls to scrap the measure. They now need to take action."

Postcards for retailers to send to the health secretary will be appearing in cash & carry depots across England from next week. Retailers will also be able to download the materials from the ACS website.