The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), has welcomed the latest statements from Home Office Minister Hazel Blears, supporting a No ID No Sale culture, and is urging her to go further and ensure that this message hits home with young people.

Speaking in a debate in Parliament on March 1, Blears MP is reported to have said: “We need a big campaign that will start to change the culture so that young people expect to be challenged when they buy alcohol. No ID should mean No Sale, which will help people serving in shops and ensure that alcohol does not get into the hands of very young people.”

ACS Chief Executive, David Rae said: “We have for many years pressed the Government for Ministerial support for the No ID No Sale message. Retailers have to police the law on underage sales and this can mean a daily battle for young people reluctant to show proof of age. This culture has led to a worrying increase in abuse, intimidation and violence against shop workers.”