Only 53% of all manufacturers' display material makes its way onto the shop floor, according to new research obtained by The Grocer. In the convenience sector this figure falls dramatically to 38%. The research, conducted on behalf of industry association Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) by Storecheck Marketing, shows little improvement in compliance in the multiple sector over the past year. It is the first time POPAI has measured compliance in c-stores. The situation has grown so serious that next week a group of retailers and brand manufacturers meet for the first time to find ways of ensuring better instore execution. Among those taking part in POPAI's first Compliance Group are Sainsbury, Asda, Unilever Bestfoods and Cadbury Trebor Bassett. The group will work towards producing a best practice guide for the whole industry. "The aims of the group are to examine the processes involved in designing, producing, delivering and placing display material," said POPAI general manager Martin Kingdon. Growing awareness of the issues surrounding point of purchase display has resulted in an explosion in membership of POPAI, with Nestlé, Campbells Foods and L'Oreal the latest to join the association. l See feature page 32 {{NEWS }}