Despite an oversupplied market and depressed commodity prices, Dutch pigmeat giant Dumeco has recorded an increased pretax profit of £8m on a turnover over £828m ­ a higher margin than that of 1998. Trading under pressure in previously lucrative third countries, Dumeco's European-based operations progressed "favourably". The reason the company gives is that demand for more processed meat products has been growing, despite abundant pigmeat supplies. The company's earlier decision to focus on added value production is paying off, as is the awardwinning internal communications drive, run by marketing and communications director Pol Sala. "We have managed to get across the real meaning of the word quality in production by explaining what goes into our slogan fresh meat with extra care'." Unusually for a marketing man, Sala has won firm allies on the production side of the pigmeat business. His inhouse campaign focused on simple quality issues at all Dumeco sites and generated a strong interest among the workforce. "We have even managed to get farmers to put what the market wants before traditional priorities." {{PROVISIONS }}