from Fiona Moriarty, director, Scottish Retail Consortium

Sir; In response to this week’s announcement on Alcohol Test Purchasing by the Lord Advocate - which will allow the use of youngsters to identify licensees selling alcohol to minors - we believe retailers in Scotland are responsible businesses with nothing to hide.
However, it is important to remember that eradicating underage sales is not about catching people out.
It can be extremely difficult for retailers to gauge the age of young people. This is why they continue to treat this issue with the utmost importance, fully backing the ‘No ID, No Sale’ principle, which is clear to both retailer and customer.
However, ID cards do need to be produced and accepted with confidence, which is why the British Retail Consortium, with support from the Home Office and other relevant trade associations, created PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme).
Retailers should instantly know that any ID card carrying the PASS hologram is genuine. We encourage young people to carry one and retailers to ask for PASS.