Baby Organix has come under fire for using the headline For 100% Organic, choose Organix' in an advertisement for its baby foods. Complainants said the advertisement was misleading because the packaging for some of the advertisers' products stated 99% of our ingredients are 100% certified organic'. The organic baby food maker provided evidence showing special permission from the UK Register of Organic Food, which enabled the two products in question, containing non-organic yeast, to be called organic. The Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged all the advertisers' products were correctly labelled as organic, but ruled the headline claim was misleading as it implied every Organix baby food product contained 100% organic ingredients. As a result, Baby Organix has been asked to modify the headline claim with help from the Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice team. "We appreciate the ruling and don't run the adverts any longer, but do feel the matter became a storm in a tea cup," said a spokeswoman. {{NEWS }}