Sir; Referring to 'The Tug of War for Talent' (11 November, p36), I am a Highly Skilled Migrant (HSMP scheme) with eight years of progressive cross-functional experience in grocery. I held responsible positions in blue-chip companies including Coca-Cola and Nestlé in the fragmented retail markets of Asia.

The most common reason for the rejection of the innumerable applications I have made was that I had inadequate UK experience. I have been denied repeatedly a chance to prove the transferability of my skills and UK experience.

I could have been judged through a proper mechanism, but my interaction with the agencies was inadequate. I think they should engage with candidates more effectively, and employ true HR professionals.

Prejudices only increase skills shortages. Agencies should have bespoke mechanisms to ensure the right candidate is forwarded or the UK will continue to lose out to more aggressive economies.

Recruitment agencies should recognise that there are passionate and skilled professionals waiting impatiently to give their best. Failure to secure them will be a great loss to the industry.