Dutch-based retailer Ahold has accepted the resignation of Jim Miller the boss of its US Foodservice unit Stateside where auditors uncovered an $880m accounting black hole.

Robert Tobin, a member of the Ahold supervisor board since 2001, has been appointed as interim CEO until a a permanent replacement is named.

Miller’s departure coincided with Ahold’s shareholders' meeting in Holland where board chairman Henny de Ruiter offered his “sincere apologies” for the events at US Foodservice and at other units of the beleaguered group.

A probe by PriceWaterhouseCoopers alleged that marketing chief Mark Kaiser and purchasing head Timothy Lee at US Foodservice, had “colluded” in the scandal. However, Miller was not implicated.

Ahold said it expected to meet a June 30 deadline for the restatement of its 2002 accounts imposed by a consortium of five banks who stumped up a 3.1bn euros lifeline to keep Ahold going. Meeting the deadline will enable Ahold to draw a $915m from the loan to address problems at US Foodservice.