An internal probe in the wake of a financial scandal at global retailer Ahold has revealed
the level of earnings at its US Foodservice unit were overstated by more than it first estimated.

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has identified total overstatements of pre-tax earnings of $880m going back to 2000. The total relates to overstatements of $110m in 2000, $260m in 2001 and $510m in 2002.

Ahold said Deloitte & Touche had resumed investigations at its Scandinavian joint venture with ICA, as well as its Latin American operation Santa Isabel.

Probes are also under way at the group’s Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and its Stop & Shop chain Stateside.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ahold's internal report would allege that Mark Kaiser, a marketing manager, and Tim Lee, a purchasing executive at US Foodservice, were responsible for inflating supplier rebates which boosted earnings.

Kaiser and Lee were suspended soon after news broke of accounting irregularities at Ahold, the WSJ added.