Dutch retail group Ahold have been given the go ahead by shareholders for widespread changes its corporate governance in response to last year’s accounting scandal.

Ahold’s chief corporate governance counsel, Peter Wakkie, also told shareholders that it held Jim Miller, former chief executive of its US Foodservice unit, directly responsible for damages arising from last year’s crisis.

Wakkie said that the company was considering claims against Miller as well as Mark Kaiser and Tim Lee, two former executive board members.

At an extraordinary general meeting, 78% of investors voted in favour of the changes to empower shareholders with more rights to determine the appointments and pay of board members. They will also have the right to approve divestment and investment decisions.

Ahold boss Anders Moberg said: “We did this because there should be no question about the value we place on transparency. Corporate governance, accountability and controls are at the heart of our ‘Road to Recovery’ strategy.”

Ahold will become one of the first companies to implement the new stricter code of conduct in the Netherlands dubbed Tabaksblat.